St. Paul's Men's Shelter Frequently Asked Questions

What is the St. Paul’s Men’s Shelter?

The men’s shelter is an outreach of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Paterson, with the help of over 300 volunteers and 40 congregations— including St. John’s. The program is designed to help men become productive members of society. All residents of the shelter must spend their days going to programs or services that address any issues that may be hindering their moving on to more independent living. The program assists the men in taking control of their lives, and helps them realize there is help and hope.

What is St. John's involvement with St. Paul’s?

Since the inception of the CDC, St. John’s has joined many other parishes by committing to provide an evening meal one night a month. Parishioners sign up to provide individual parts of a menu and/or volunteer to transport and serve the meal to the men.

When do you go?

The two servers meet at St. John’s around 5:15 p.m. the second Friday of each month. If you are not serving, bring your food to them at 5:15, or leave it labeled in the PH refrigerator or counter. The servers then drive to Paterson, which is about 25 minutes, and are usually back by 7:30.

What do we prepare?

People sign up in advance (see below) to make a hot meat entrée, vegetarian dish, salad, potatoes or pasta, rolls and butter, or dessert—also milk for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch the next day.

What quantities are required?

Plan on 1 ½ - 2 portions per person (25 men). For example, this roughly translates to 35-40 pieces of chicken, maybe 3-4 heads of lettuce, 12-20 pounds of potatoes, 2 large trays of lasagna, 3-4 dozen dinner rolls, 1-2 gallons of milk. 30-40 sandwiches, 3-5 pies. Everyone is told earlier in the week how many men we will be feeding.

May kids come to serve?

Yes!  It is a valuable introduction to community service for ages 6+.

Can I send clothes to the shelter?

No, at this time, clothing will not be accepted.

How do I sign up or get more information?

There is a Google Sheets online signup. The link changes so email Christine Andrukonis for the link and any questions: