St. John’s welcomes the Hungarian School

St. John’s has a new tenant, Uj Magyar Oktatas, or the Hungarian Cultural Organization, a school for young Hungarian-American children to learn the Hungarian language and culture.

They hold classes every Saturday at St. John’s.

This school arrived very soon after our French school arrived, Parlez Vous Francais?, which meets at St. John’s on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays, and has a similar mission for French-American children. 

In this picture, Rev. Candace Sandfort is welcoming Zsuzsanna (Susan) Tamas, Director, at their Oct. 1 opening ceremony.  Susan is dressed in a traditional Hungarian garb from the ninth century, when the people first migrated to Hungary. 

Similarly the school has migrated to St. John’s!  We welcome the Hungarian School.  As Candace said at the ceremony, there are many paths but one journey, and St. John’s welcomes them all!