Welcome to St. John's!

Our parish community grows both as we worship together and through ministries that focus where our lives as parishioners meet our everyday social, career, and spiritual lives. These ministries involve newcomers as well as those who have been here “forever”, the younger and more experienced. All members of the parish are encouraged to become involved with each other and the St. John’s community through commitment to a Parish Life ministry, either ongoing or one time events.

Ongoing Parish Life ministries include: 

  • Coffee Hour--Because of pandemic restrictions, the Coffee Hour is sometimes held virtually over Zoom when services are on-line only. The link to the on-line service and to virtual Coffee Hour is HERE.
  • Newcomer Ministry
  • Tuesday Morning Group

The Tuesday Group gathers for fellowship and service, knitting hats and scarves for the clients of the Seamen's Church Institute. 

We also host a number of events and activities for the larger parish community throughout the year, including concerts, pot-luck suppers, Mardi Gras party, etc.