One of the driving principles at St. John's is to "give music back to the people." We do not come to worship with the expectation of being entertained. The music we offer is an expression of our parishioners' musical gifts from God and one of the ways we express good stewardship by giving back to God. If you would like to join in expressing your faith through music, please contact Candace Sandfort.

The goal of our music ministry at St. John's is to ensure that music is used as an offering for the glory of God and as a help to the people in their worship.

We seek to do this by:

  • Promoting congregational singing as top priority, using a variety of resources, including the Episcopal Hymnal published in 1982, Lift Every Voice and Sing, etc…while not losing sight of the richness of our Anglican tradition.
  • Affirming that a variety of music, ranging in style, period, genre, tempo, etc., will address as many of the diverse spiritual needs of our parishioners as possible.
  • Encouraging excellence in our music while being sensitive to the resources, abilities, time constraints, etc., of our members and parish.
  • Encouraging the development of a multi-generational, and when appropriate, inter-generational program which binds us together in community. This may be accomplished by providing tiered choral opportunities for adults, youth, and children.
  • Creating a culture where our worshippers will be encouraged to use their individual musical abilities to enhance worship through vocal and instrumental offerings.

Because of the time constraints of our parishioners, like with many parishes, we are finding it difficult to maintain a more traditional church choir program. While this has been challenging, it is also causing us to think differently about how to incorporate music in our worship. When you attend worship at St. John's, you may hear music presented by a small vocal ensemble, a high school violinist, a vocal soloist, or a guest instrumental or vocal ensemble.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, December 3:
Our own Pat Cioffi will present a special holiday concert on Saturday, December 3, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  Pat teaches many gifted singers in the area who will share their talent with us and the community.   Read more
Sunday, December 10:
Celebrate Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless by joining us for a Live Music event on Nov. 12. Come see live performance by the Nyack College Chorale. See video selections from last year's concert by clicking Read more