Mutual Care

Caring for Each Other

  • When you are sick...
  • When you are recovering...
  • When you have just had a baby...
  • When you are caring for a loved one...
  • When you find yourself overwhelmed with any kind of difficulty...
  • When you can use a helping hand...

Your parish family is here for you!

The Mutual Care Committee at St. John's is dedicated to assisting with the physical and emotional well-being of the entire St. John's community, and to anyone else the community cares for. Pastoral care is about supporting our loved ones in ways both large and small as they face challenges and adapt to new circumstances both large and small. So if you need dinner for a family of four; a ride to your doctor's office; somewhere to spend Christmas Eve; someone to watch your kids for two hours when you can't book your regular sitter; or simply to know that you are in someone's thoughts and prayers, please contact any member of the Mutual Care Committee. We are happy to help out with:

  • Home, hospital, and nursing-home visits
  • Elder care
  • Child care
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Shopping and errands
  • House cleaning
  • Light yard work
  • Snow removal
  • Administrative assistance, with scheduling appointments, arranging for services, handling paperwork, etc.
  • Prayer chain
  • Greeting card ministry
  • Holidays
  • Listening, encouraging, supporting

Your comfort is our joy. For pastoral care assistance, please contact contact the committee chair.