Newcomers' Events

We offer the newcomer opportunities to connect with other newcomers and longer-term members through our coffee hour on a regular Sunday in the Parish Hall after the 10 am service. 

We also have more intentional newcomer welcome events from time to time. Participants introduce themselves and share questions, observations and hopes about St. John's. They receive packets of information and invitation to participate in any of the organizations or activities we have. Space is also given to those who want simply to be quietly part of the worship on Sunday. These gatherings also are scheduled and announced in advance.

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 18:
The Tuesday Group knits and crochets hats and scarfs for the Seaman's Church Institute. Knitting groups around the country connect with SCI in weekly knitting meetings at churches and at knitting-sponsored events. Read more
Monday, December 24:
Join us at 4 pm for a children's pageant, festive music, communion and a special sermon for children by the Rev. Candace Sandfort. Come see our church decorated in greens. Read more
Monday, December 24:
A beautiful service with carols and communion. The church is decorated with greens and lighted candles. Silent Night is sung at the end of the service with the lights dimmed and each participant given a small candle to light and hold. The service begins at 9 pm. Read more
Tuesday, December 25:
A traditional Christmas service with carols and communion, beginning at 10 am. (Children may bring their favorite gift to be blessed.) Read more