Financial Assistance

Guidelines for Financial Assistance

1.     Modest amounts of financial assistance are occasionally available for those who find themselves in true emergency situations.

2.     The primary responsibility of a priest is to minister the Sacraments, which are outward and visible signs of God’s healing grace. We encourage you, therefore, to attend our worship services (at 8 and 10 a.m. every Sunday, 9:30 in the summer months).

3.      A priest’s attention is necessarily focused on the flock, which currently is the congregation at St. John’s. This is a second reason for you to attend church; regular members of our community receive priority for any assistance.

4.     Everyone is invited to come for a free meal, one Friday a month, offered under the auspices of Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless

5.     When on church premises, do not solicit funds from anyone. Violation of this request will result in denial of aid and expulsion from the property.

6.     Aid requests can only be entertained via a face-to-face interview. To schedule an appointment, contact me directly (preferably by e-mail to or, if necessary, by phone: 973-746-2474).

7.     This e-mail and number are only for initial contact—scheduling purposes only. Do not contact us with any other messages, as we will need to meet in person before any funds can be disbursed.

8.     When available, financial assistance can be provided in modest amounts only, with checks payable directly to a utility, landlord, or other service provider.

9.     Repeated requests cannot ordinarily be granted, as funds are limited.

10.   Only you, the priest, the bookkeeper, and God will know of this transaction; otherwise, it is completely confidential.

11.   Of your charity, please pray for this priest and for the church, and we will pray for you.

(Adopted by the Vestry, 10 June 2014)