Space Use

We at St. John's are happy to share our space with nonprofit and community groups. We do this primarily as a service to our community, and it nets us a small income to cover utilities and other expenses. We have only part-time office staff, so you are well advised to complete this entire process several weeks in advance. We have several spaces available:

  • The Parish Hall
    • The main room (shown in picture).
    • The smaller Powell room
  • The Church
    • The sanctuary of the church
    • The church basement (Undercroft)

If you are interested, please follow this procedure:

  1. Check our classes/support group schedule for vacant times dates. This is not a guarantee of availability, as parish events take precedence. Contact the Parish Administrator to confirm availability.

You are approved to use the space only after all paperwork is complete and submitted, payment in full has been received by us, and you receive confirmation. We strongly advise you not to publicize your event until you receive this confirmation.